Cuisine & Gastronomy

We are delighted to introduce you to our Executive Chef, David Capel!
David Capel has a great love for cooking, and his success comes from his respect for classic French dishes and his desire to personalize his creations. With his partner, Chef Vincent Bayon, a young professional, they are dedicated to their original vision: to offer exceptional and personalized service.

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Private Dining

Dining Hours

Tuesday – Friday, until 2:00 P.M.

Wednesday & Thursday as of 5:00 P.M.


The manner of dress shall be governed by good taste and be in keeping with the character of a private club. Members and guests are expected to wear neat attire appropriate for dining hours.

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Meeting Spaces

We embrace the best of the past while embodying Montreal’s dynamic, modern-day downtown culture. Our private environment generates an interplay between vintage architecture and the present with a vibrant celebratory space for culture, art, design, and music. Every medium is explored, from corporate seminars, art exhibitions, lunch time talks and more.

Members can indulge in the quality and flow of our spaces for networking, conviviality and our warm attentive service.

Bar & Lounge
Wine Bar and Lounge
Dining Room
Member Benefits at UCM

Bespoke Receptions

Renowned for our delicious menus and excellent service, The Club’s distinction does not end here. Enjoy our world-class accommodation services in the organization of your private events, from gourmet dinners to conferences, adapted according to your requests. Our professional and dedicated staff, attentive to your needs, are eager to help you realize your vision.


When someone joins our club, they become life-long members. Our member base network expands across over a century of generations, providing one of the largest and prosperous networks globally.


Every member who is part of our community has something to offer. Members of our club can expect to be met with like-minded individuals seeking intellectual challenge, while encountering different perspectives in a community which aims to cultivate themselves furthermore.

Find opportunities to connect with great minds, get inspired, initiate stimulating conversation and discuss ideas with our community of literary, enlightened professionals and leaders.

Club Calendar

  • A well-curated calendar offers a diverse range of activities, catering to the interests of all members.
  • Exclusive access to Club events.
  • Opportunity to organize a Club event.
  • Assistance in registering for Club events.