Do you require an introduction letter (with membership card) prior to arrival?2021-05-03T23:00:28+00:00


Is there a separate guest charge for members of reciprocal clubs?2021-05-03T23:00:08+00:00


Is there an administration charge in lieu of tipping?2021-05-03T22:59:39+00:00

Yes, 20%.
The personnel of your club is there to help make your stay more comfortable, all the while remaining discrete and attentive: they should be treated with the utmost consideration. Tipping is not necessarily the form, however, remembering them at the end of the year with a recompense is most definitely the way to show one’s appreciation.

Do you require our members to settle their accounts before departure?2021-05-03T22:58:50+00:00

No, members accounts are settled monthly, via credit card on file.

Do you offer dining facilities for members and their spouses?2021-05-03T22:57:58+00:00


Do you offer facilities for private lunches, dinners, or receptions?2021-05-03T22:57:30+00:00


Are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack service available?2021-05-03T22:57:00+00:00


Can I bring a non-member to the Club for dinner or special events?2021-05-03T22:56:32+00:00

The member of the club should have announced the guest arrival to the reception personnel, and in theory, the host should already be on site. He should also let the staff know where he can be located once the guest arrives, ensuring the guest can be escorted most expediently. Guests may not remain in the Club once the member has left the premises.


Are taxes charged on my invoice?2021-05-04T02:52:02+00:00

Yes, all services and membership fees on your account are taxable in Quebec with both GST (Tax ID: 108161399) and QST (Tax ID: 1006005418TQ0001).

How long is my membership valid?2021-05-04T02:51:22+00:00

All annual memberships are valid from February 1st until January 31st of the following year. Memberships do automatically renew. Should you wish to make any changes to your membership, 3-month advance notice is required.

I received an invoice from the University Club. How can I settle my account?2021-05-04T02:50:27+00:00

Your account can be settled by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX), bank transfer, or cheque. All accounts are payable net 30 days. Cheques can be mailed directly to the University Club at:
PO Box. 220,
Stn B
H3B 3J7

Payments can also be made through your bank by adding “University Club of Montreal” as a payee.

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